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PELHAM, NH - Police arrested a third suspect this week in a crackdown on illegal trafficking in the prescription drug OxyContin.
Police Lt. Gary Fisher said he expects more arrests in the next month or two.
A lengthy investigation led to the arrest Thursday of Krystopher Draper, 18, of Pelham on a charge of possession of OxyContin and drugs in a vehicle. Authorities also cited him for a 2007 arrest warrant for allegedly cashing a stolen check.
He was freed on $5,000 bail, with arraignment set for Aug. 11 in Salem District Court.
"OxyContin has become the drug of choice for young people," Fisher said. "It's readily available."
Pelham police arrested two men on similar charges in the spring: Douglas Chambers, 21, of Chelmsford, Mass., on May 15 and Matthew Perrotti, 18, of Pelham on April 30.
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