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Pedestrian splash ends road test

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Pedestrian splash ends road test

A Manchester, England, woman said she failed a driving test after she drove through a puddle and splashed a pedestrian at a bus stop.

Michelle Kelly, 31, said she accidentally splashed the pedestrian about halfway through her examination, The Daily Mail reported Monday.

"I pulled in at the center and the examiner said he'd failed me," Kelly said. "He then spoke at length about the splashing. I didn't do it on purpose and didn't really think that much of it at the time but he said it was a fault."

"Apparently it constituted a traffic offense and he was treating it as a road accident," she said. "He said I should have pulled over and exchanged details with the pedestrian."
Kelly described the examiner's decision as "ludicrous."

"I spoke to a firm of driving instructors with over 60 years experience and they had never heard of it," she said. "It was my third test and I was really confident. To fail for something like that really annoyed me."

"It's ridiculous. Why should you hand over your details? What good would that do? It wasn't as though I'd deluged this pedestrian," she said. "And if I'd swerved to avoid the puddle I might have caused an accident."
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How would one go about documenting the "area of impact" of the water drops/wave vs. the pedestrian? :ermm:
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