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As threats and tactics change so do weapons systems. The newest elevation of the subgun seems to be small caliber/sub caliber personal defense weapons (PDW's).
These individual officer weapons are often times no bigger that a large frame handgun and are designed to counter specific threats - armor wearing bad guys.

Recently we've been testing two new PDW's, the HK MP7 and the FN P90 side by side and offer this general information to those that might be interested.

General Info
FN P70
Overall the FN P90 is better at ergonomics, it looks really odd and hard to get your hands around but it is very easy to get used to and is a pleasure to shoot. It's bullpup design makes if very compact and they pack a LOT of features and mounting points on the gun for tactical lights, lasers and the flash hider acts as the mounting point for a quick detach suppressor.
Left or right-handed shooters will not have a problem using this weapon as the rounds are ejected downwards and all the controls are ambidextrous.
The downsides to this system for me was the magazine system and it's operation as well as the ejection of the spent cases. The magazines seem to be rock steady and very functional but the rotating head of the magazine just seems flimsy. Rounds lay in the magazine perpendicular to the ejection port and the magazine head "rotates" each round into position prior to the bolt closing and the round firing.
Spent cases are ejected downward nearly at your feet, in close quarters this would also seem to be an issue although no one seems to have complained yet.

This is HK’s attempt at a personal defense weapon/entry weapon and it's pretty good. Although this gun is not nearly as ergonomic as the P90 it does seem to get the job done and will appeal to those who prefer a more "conventional" design. It is classic HK in design, set up for right-handed shooter with fire controls being ambidextrous. It has a couple hard points for mounting rail systems and light/laser kits. The sighting system, as standard, is pure old school HK open sights - other optical options are available. There are two magazines available for this gun - a 25 round that fits flush with the grip, and a 40 round that extends well past the grip frame.
The main drawbacks to this system lie in its construction materials and over all "feel".
The fore grip and retractable stock just don't do it for me. It seems too light and too "toy like". Now as modern weapons doctrine dictates, lighter guns that are equally controable should be preferred but I tend to like something I can use as a club if all else fails, and this gun won't cut it. (Somewhat a joke). Also the suppressor system is overly complicated in that you can screw on a suppressor, screw on a flash hider, screw on a QD flash hider. Just give me a flash hider that works as a mount for the QD suppressor and I'll be happy.

Terminal Performance
The MP7 seems to have a slight edge when it comes to terminal performance of the round. It can penetrate a little more body armor, it can engage targets at a bit further distances (interestingly it's a PDW that would seem better suited for CQB than anything else) . In reality both are "close enough for government work” with regards to ballistic performance. Each uses a "sub caliber" round shot at fairly high velocities to overcome soft armor. That light round sheds energy fast enough in man sized targets not to have to worry about over penetration.

Both are fairly specialized weapons systems, designed more for counter terrorist operations or in situations where you might meet a bad guy wearing body armor. Both systems seem to have specialized round for suppressor use (subsonic) and the FN has specific armor piercing rounds. There really is no real standout between the two. Their existance does seem to be evidence of a trend towards more specialized weapons systems directed as specific types of threats.

Side Note: Recent production changes have addressed some of my concerns with the stock, fore grip, and flash hider on the MP7. The stock is heavier, the fore grip locks into place, and the flash hider is permanently attached and doubles up as a suppressor mount.
We are working on getting the newest MP7 in for demo to test out the changes.
Side Note: the FN has a companion pistol that uses the same ammunition as the P90.
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