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Any other departments currently using PDA's instead of MDT's?? We had computers in the cars, but as they each broke, the city stopped replacing them. Now we have PDA's. I'm finding that they're more difficult to use than they're worth. Anyone else have any opinion? Also, anyone aware of any type of mounting bracket for inside the car??
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I know about the brackets,

There's window mount, dash mount, floor mount, cup holder mount, even air conditioner vent mount, I think even a "sand bag" mount.

I would suggest getting one that fit in your vehicles layout and if it has a charger built into the base, so much the better. Also look into GPS mounts as some are designed for PDA's that have the GPS built in and have a nice charger.
^--- this is the one I use.

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What do you mean, more trouble then they're worth? What problems have you experienced?
The problems I'm having are mostly $$$ related. When not being used, the PDA's in my dept. are not charged and usually have zero battery power when I take it out in the morning. The power cords for the cruiser are very short and do not stay plugged in very well. If the cord separates from the PDA, I get signed off. Lastly, my department did not purchase mounting brackets, so using them in the car requires pulling over and using two hands to operate it. My overall opinion is that PDA's are great for detectives, but terrible for patrol and traffic. I'll certainly take them over nothing, but they are no comparison to MDT's.
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