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Boston city officials, in an unprecedented, controversial bid to dun an absentee landlord for policing costs linked to a so-called "problem property," are demanding that a New Hampshire woman pay $23,809 for the cruiser that sat outside her Dorchester apartment complex for 45 days to shield neighbors from a plague of drug deals, overdoses, violence and burglaries.
Wendy Rist, 63, of Lisbon, N.H., is due to appear today before the Mayor's Problem Properties Task Force appeals board to fight the bill, as well as the city's designation of her two-building property on Bakersfield Street as a "problem property."
"The message really is that the city is going to hold problem-property owners' feet to the fire, and to really make them accountable and responsible for what's going on at their properties," said Chris English, Mayor Thomas M. Menino's neighborhood liaison to Dorchester, who said this is the first time the city has tried to recover police costs under the problem property ordinance.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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