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Pawtucket, RI - Police Officer

Discussion in 'New England Employment' started by theGUNshow, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. theGUNshow

    theGUNshow MassCops Member

    City of Pawtucket, RI - Pawtucket, RI 02860
    $1,046 a week
    The City of Pawtucket will be accepting applications for Police Officer from Monday, August 5, 2019 through Friday, September 13, 2019. Applications must be completed ONLY online at


    Patrols a specified area on foot, by motorcycle, or in a police patrol car; tries doors and windows of business and residential property when unoccupied and investigates any suspicious condition. Makes arrests for violations of laws and ordinances, escorts prisoners to police station; has law violators booked on charges, escorts prisoners to court, and testifies in court. Watches for and makes investigations of wanted and missing persons and stolen property. Enforces traffic laws, directs automobile and pedestrian traffic, makes detailed reports of traffic accidents, and gives information concerning the location of streets and buildings. When assigned to plainclothes duty, visits the scenes of crimes searches for and apprehends violators. Assists in preparing and presenting cases and testifies in court.


    Must possess the following as of September 13, 2019:

    Graduation from high school or a General Education Diploma (GED);
    Age 18 or older,
    U.S. Citizen;
    A valid driver’s license;
    Thirty (30) completed college credits from an accredited college-OR-(1) year active military service in lieu of college credits.
    Job Type: Full-time

    Salary: $1,046.44 /week


    Associate (Required)

    driver's (Required)
    Work Location:

    One location

    Health insurance
    Dental insurance
    Vision insurance
    Retirement plan
    Paid time off
    Parental leave
    This Company Describes Its Culture as:

    Detail-oriented -- quality and precision-focused
    Innovative -- innovative and risk-taking
    Stable -- traditional, stable, strong processes
    People-oriented -- supportive and fairness-focused
    Team-oriented -- cooperative and collaborative
  2. katelyn26

    katelyn26 New Member

    I have never experienced applying outside of civil service. Is there a lot more people applying to the RI ones since it isn't civil service? After reviewing all the notes--it seems its much quicker process then waiting for civil service exams, lists, etc. It literally just seems to take the top scores?
  3. PG1911

    PG1911 Back Out in the Sticks

    It's quicker, but unpredictable. They can reject and disqualify you for any reason, including none at all, and you have no recourse and often are not even permitted to know what got you booted.
  4. katelyn26

    katelyn26 New Member

    oh yikes!!! So pretty much its probably all about who you know and who will pass you :/. Thank you so much for your reply!
  5. Truck

    Truck MassCops Member

    Who you know would help, BUT if your'e a good applicant you will most likely get a good look. From what I hear many departments in RI are looking for good prospects. Many people applying are disqualified early in the process especially during physical agility testing. Don't let a large number of applicants scare you away, that number will be reduced faster than a disorderly charge gets dismissed in a MA court room.
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  6. samadam78

    samadam78 MassCops Member

    There is always the “who you know” chance in any job in any profession.... with that said growing up in RI i know a LOT of guys and girls who got on without knowing anyone and just being a solid candidate including a few in pawtucket...
  7. PG1911

    PG1911 Back Out in the Sticks

    At some places, yeah, it's about who you know. Especially smaller departments. But that being said, it's not the rule. I'd say that the majority of officers working today got on without having any close connections to anyone at their PD, even at non-CS departments. The thing with non-CS department hiring is, as I said, they can be picky and they don't have to have a good excuse to remove an applicant from consideration. They also can pick whoever the hell they want without having to follow any list.
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  8. samadam78

    samadam78 MassCops Member

    sometimes this is good sometimes it is bad.... CS in my opinion hinders departments from hiring the best candidates for the position by restricting hiring to a short list of veterans and residents of the town.
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  9. j809

    j809 Subscribing Member

    We choose the best candidate and we always hire full time academy trained people with degrees and experience. It’s easier for us to just plug them in and have them start working right away. It does suck for a new person starting out with no academy because they have no chance at getting hired but it’s a win for us. We don’t hire who we k ow, we always focus on the best candidate that will be the best fit for us. We also don’t hire problem children so we are very thorough with our backgrounds. Every department does it differently but this has worked well for us.

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  10. samadam78

    samadam78 MassCops Member

    thats for non CS which is good except for maybe someone without the academy would be a good hire (we do the same as you btw and i totally get why we do it) but with CS you get a very limited applicant pool.
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  11. PG1911

    PG1911 Back Out in the Sticks

    The problem is the way that Mass does things with "absolute preference", which defeats the entire purpose of civil service, which is to hire candidates based strictly on their merit with no preference for anything else. That a military veteran or town resident who scored a 75 should be ranked higher than a non-vet or non-resident who scored a 100 is beyond idiotic IMO.

    Civil service is usually a good thing in most states. Everyone is ranked by their score number. Veterans and town residents may get extra points added to their test, but in the end, if a non-vet, non-resident candidate has the highest score, they're going to be ranked first and have first dibs at an interview. Also, as I said, if you make it to the background and you are disqualified, you can often appeal it, especially if they use some very minor, stupid reason to get rid of you because someone they want is ranked below you. That being said, I don't usually recommend working for any place that doesn't want you; you'll have a target on your back the day you start, and they'll likely do everything to make sure you wash out of FTO. But it's at least good to know why you were bypassed so you can explain it later, and an appeal, even if unsuccessful, is good to have on principle if you were truly treated unfairly.
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  12. samadam78

    samadam78 MassCops Member

    I agree with you 100% the other problem with CS is you can't take a lateral from non cs dept. For example, Officer A works in anytown which is non CS but borders a bigger town thats CS with more opportunities and pays better... Officer A has 10 years of law enforcement, has a degree, is trained in several specialty positions but is stuck as a patrolman for life in his current dept... yet he can't apply to the CS town because he isn't a vet or a resident of that town.... How in the world are you getting a better candidate on that list by excluding officer A from applying?
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  13. j809

    j809 Subscribing Member

    Civil service appeals also don’t mean anything. It just says you go to top of list on next list and they can wait you out or bypass you on next list and go through same process again.

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  14. felony

    felony MassCops Member

    In RI having a hook always helps. I was hired without a hook. I was just a good candidate. However, beware about Pawtucket they just lost the paw sox and closed down a fire company. Financially they are on hard times. Most PD's require a active list to fill potential vacancies. However, that doesn't mean vacancies will occur. Just a fyi
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