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Patrick plans task force on ethics (ha ha ha ha ha ha)

Bribery, corruption allegations on radar

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BOSTON- While the impact of state Sen. Dianne Wilkerson's arrest this week on public corruption and bribery charges continues to reverberate on Beacon Hill, Gov. Deval L. Patrick yesterday announced he is calling for a new wave of reforms to the state's ethics and lobbying rules.

The governor said numerous incidents of alleged ethical breaches have swirled around state government in recent months, culminating in this week's arrest of Ms. Wilkerson following a lengthy federal probe into alleged bribes in exchange for action on a liquor license.

Mr. Patrick said he would name a task force to develop a package of reforms he will send to the Legislature in January, adding he hopes they will then be acted on within 30 days.

This from a guy who went after Coca Cola, Ameriquest and other companies with deep pocket$ in the name of diver$ity.
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