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Part 2.......Worst Campus to Work For?

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Since we have nothing else to talk about. :lol:

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I agree. :D Let's bash some departments. I'll start on Brand-X unless there is anybody else whom is a former that would like the honnors. I know your out there cause 30 of you came and went during my time :-k
Bash Brandeis??? That is too easy. Mickey Mouse operation that is.... Brandeis is such a joke, they should have the Police ripped from thier patches. How many are actually Police over their? What, maybe 4 out of 12... what a joke, I don't have time to bash right now or share stories, but I'll be sure to post what a joke that place is...I'm sure some of it spilled over to Merrimack...

1. Brandeis
2. Mass Art
3. Dean
4. Holy Cross
5. Merrimack College
6. Babson
7. UMASS Lowell
8. MASS Maritime
9. MBCC-Framingham
10. RISD-Rhode Island
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We already went through this. The last one went way off topic, which was locked off by Irishpride, to many people bashing each other and where they work. For most of us these jobs are a stepping stone. No more, off topic! :eek:t: Some of you have nothing better to do and seem to be immature for this. :wm:
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