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LEOMINSTER -- The parents of a 2-month-old face child endangerment charges after they allegedly left their infant son unattended in a sweltering car last month, according to police and court reports.
Judge Mark E. Noonan released Kelly S. Gorey, 22, and Maxwell Aho, 27, both of 209 Fifth St., #2, on personal recognizance bail during a hearing Monday in Leominster District Court.
Noonan allowed the parents to have contact with the infant only on terms set by the Department of Social Services and the court.
Police received a call about an unattended infant crying in a car parked at the Water Tower Plaza on the afternoon of Aug. 23, according to a report from Officer Carlos Cintron.
A hospital blanket covered the baby, and only one window of the car was open when police responded, Cintron wrote, adding later the temperature was in the mid-80s and the child was at risk for heat stroke.
Employees from Shaw's Supermarket called after hearing the baby crying and opened the car doors to give him air, Cintron wrote.
"The vehicle was very hot and humid," he wrote. "(The baby) appeared to have been crying for a while, he was cool to the touch, covered in sweat, his skin was pale and clammy."
Cintron took the blanket off the baby and brought him to his air-conditioned police cruiser while waiting for an ambulance to arrive, he wrote. Aho reportedly ran out of the supermarket asking where his son was, and Cintron told him he was in the ambulance about to go to the hospital.

Both parents reportedly told Cintron they each thought the other had taken the baby into the store.
"Mr. Aho stated that when he saw (Gorey) come up to him without the baby he ran to the car and saw the ambulance and police cars," Cintron wrote. "Mr. Aho was angry that the baby was left behind in the vehicle."
Cintron called DSS to meet the parents and baby at the hospital and the DSS representatives "were advised by their supervisor to take custody of the baby," he wrote.
Both parents were summonsed to court on a charge each of reckless endangerment to a child.
The medical personnel on the case reportedly told Cintron the child could have died if left in the car three to five minutes longer because of the high heat. Aho and Gorey are due in court Oct. 23 for pretrial hearings.

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Both parents reportedly told Cintron they each thought the other had taken the baby into the store. didnt dawn on either of them when they entered the store minus baby?? Morons...

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They completely lie that as soon as they saw each other they ran back out...
for a Shaws carraige boy to see the baby, decide what to do, call the PD and get a rig out there would be at LEAST 10 minutes....

but hey - this is MASS ... and those dipshits will have their kid back in a week or two.
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