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Parents Claim Teacher Strip-Searched Girls

MONROE, Mich. -- A Monroe mother claims her daughter was among a
group of girls who were strip-searched by teachers at school after money
went missing.

Several parents filed police reports last week alleging at least one female
teacher from Trinity Lutheran School in Monroe strip-searched a group of
seventh-grade girls when $42 was reported missing from a student.

"They treat criminals like that, not 12-year-old innocent children," said
mother Martha Feller.

Feller said the school staff acted on the principal's orders.

"Some were taken down to their bra and panties and some had to pull
their tops out and shake them," said Feller.

The next day, the school's principal, John Hilken, issued a letter admitting
to parents that he acted in bad judgment, and should not have subjected
the girls to this type of search.

Police said they have received three complaints from parents who feel an
apology is not enough.

The school declined an interview, but released a statement saying, "the
situation is under investigation and we have no comment."

Feller's daughter said she feels humiliated and hasn't returned to class
since the incident occurred.

"I hope that they will take them out of that school and make them pay for
what they did to the children," said Feller
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