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Discussion in 'Training' started by rocksy1826, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. rocksy1826

    rocksy1826 MassCops Member

    This is always a highly discussed topic. What Medic school do you feel has the best program without a serious wallet assault? I hear Northeastern is pushing 19g's for medic school now.
  2. Nachtwächter

    Nachtwächter New Member

    [FONT=&quot]It seems that every school in Mass enrolls students before the ink dries on their basic card, the quality of students seems to be declining. Northeastern, Springfield, Mass Bay, Safety, Greenfield and Blackstone (now defunct) are all guilty. I have had several students depend on a pulse ox and an auto BP. They had never been in an ambulance prior to their ride time. Not to say those school have not put out some quality medics.

    I have yet to have any problems with students out of Quinsig (I've only had one) and the Mercy Hospital program looks promising although they just started their second medic program.

    The biggest problem is schools that are teaching the students how to pass the Mass test and not how to think in the field. The students that show the ability to think and will become good medics always have the most problems passing the test. The ones that you hope don't pass always seem to pass the first time. [/FONT]
  3. rocksy1826

    rocksy1826 MassCops Member

    That's a pet peeve of mine. Pay your dues as an EMT before you go to medic school or you'll be a lousy, uncaring medic.

    bothers me seriously.
  4. KozmoKramer

    KozmoKramer Administrator Staff Member

    Let me ask you folks this question then.
    Every application I have ever seen for an EMT-P program asks for your experience as an EMT-B or I, and mentions you should have at least some relative experience.
    At least a year I think, but its been a while since I last looked into it.

    Are you saying they allow students without any qualifying experience to enter their Medic programs?
  5. rocksy1826

    rocksy1826 MassCops Member

    there are places that will take you into their medic program without even getting your EMT-B or I license. It's that damn bad.

    I had a partner yesterday that wasn't my normal partner. He'd been an EMT for 2 months and was convinced he'd seen EVERYTHING. X He couldn't even properly take a set of vitals in a moving ambulance. He wanted me to pull over so he could get a BP!!! He counts saves that medics made while he driving the assist truck (not the one with the patient on board) as his own despite never touching the patient, or even being within 5 feet of them.

    This kid is in medic school already. A kid that is barely 20 years old, claims glory that isn't his own and doesn't know how to take a blood pressure.

    That's how bad it's gotten. They take you if you have the money now. They ask for your experience.... but they don't care if you answer that you have none.

    When i was in EMT school we were told this... Every paramedic is an EMT (EMT-P), not all EMT's are paramedics.... and there is a reason why EMT comes before Paramedic on your EMT-Paramedic license

    bad EMT's make bad Paramedics. Not being one prior is the equivilent.

    if i don't hear or feel it myself? it's not going on my run report. machines mess up.

    what about those that spaz out over P/t's that baseline weird vitals?

    the o2 sat for instance. we had a patient with a cardiac condition that made it so he always would be sat'ing in the 80's. It was normal for him. He had o2 and he was fine.
  6. Buford T

    Buford T MassCops Member

    Off topic, great avatars, Rocksy 1826
  7. Ptlm.Shamrock147

    Ptlm.Shamrock147 New Member

    I would have to say Safety Program Consultants in Taunton has to be one of the states best...85% of all Firefighters from this area go there and most if not all pass. The quality of teaching has risen what i think to be head and sholuders above the rest... Cape and Islands used to be the best, but like you we're saying the almighty $$ makes a big difference.

    In reality an EMT should have 5 years of experience before he/she goes to medic school...Medic school is no joke, 18 year old whackers with the 89 taurus and a 6 foot light bar show up, wearing a FDNY shirt and just because they are in school they think they know all the answers.
  8. firefighter39

    firefighter39 Subscribing Member


    SPINMASS Subscribing Member

    I hear Pro is going to be running a medic program starting in January. That should be a good program since they are a quality company.
  10. Nachtwächter

    Nachtwächter New Member

    The Pro program is being run by Safety. They must be hurting for people they sent me a flyer. I live more than an hour away and have had my medic for five years.

    Safety may have a great pass rate that does not mean they are putting out good medics. They allow students to do ride time at services that average less than two calls a day. Firefighters don't alway make good medics, especially the ones that only become medics to get on the job.
  11. Tango

    Tango Subscribing Member

    I precepted quite a few Qunsig and Mass Bay medic students when I was in EMS, except for a few attitude issues (get those anywhere), they all seemed to be squared away..
  12. rocksy1826

    rocksy1826 MassCops Member

    hahaha... i worked at Pro. I wouldn't work there again nor would I advise others to for a slew of reasons. I don't know what the medic program would be like. I do know who's teaching it and he is an awesome medic and great guy... i just know that there are a good number of other elements at that company that will probably cause medic students to leave very unsatisfied and not properly trained. To quote at least 20 former Pro employees that left there in disgust: "Pro is where you will find every flaw in private EMS concentrated into one company."

    trust me.

    A few other private companies are starting up medic programs as well

    Based on the disaster some of their other programs have gone down as, I'm not sure I'd jump in on Pro's medic program until it'd proven itself to be something good.

    I vouch on massbay. good school, good program
  13. firefighter39

    firefighter39 Subscribing Member

    and you might add that medics who take the fire job just so they get munciple benefits and don't have to work for a sh*tty private company make horrible firefighters
  14. rocksy1826

    rocksy1826 MassCops Member

    I've met a lot of fire guys who say they haven't been in the back of an ambulance for years. Does it really give that much of a boost on getting on the job?

    I'm EMS for life. No desire to be PD, no desire to be FD. Maybe will try for BosEMS or WorcesterEMS at some point.... but I am happy in the ambulance. I figure I'll be in the field until i totally fuck my back and knees and then I'll teach or *gasp* dispatch or something. It seems like there really aren't as many people anymore who feel the same about wanting to stay EMS as I do anymore
  15. firefighter39

    firefighter39 Subscribing Member

    It is or can be a HUGE boost - most cities now looking to go to the ALS level are calling for medics only civil service lists. Even non-civil service depts are only looking at medics

    for most dept it gives them the option to bump up to the ALS level -

    If you took the civil service fire exam you (as a medic) would be garaunteed a job!
  16. rocksy1826

    rocksy1826 MassCops Member

    While I'm all for women in FD? I know that I, personally, physically couldn't handle some of it.... so what do I do? I keep my short, typical-female-upper-body-strength, ass where I can do some good and not be an idiot trying to pretend I can be something that I just am not. Don't get me wrong. I can lift. There is no difference between between men and women for the physical requirements we are tested on before hire, i get that stretcher up when it needs to be, the patient onto it, and whatever else needs to be done in my job... i just see fire using more strength than I think I can muster up. Besides, I'm more interested in the medical side of things, what causes different reactions in a persons body, how to treat it, and the whole patient comfort factor. Medicine just really interests me.

    I'd probably stop and use the flames to light myself a cigarette if I was in a fire.

    I've seen some badass female FD though. Atta girls

    ...besides, i inhale more than my share of smoke. man... such a good habit
  17. Nachtwächter

    Nachtwächter New Member

    No argument here. I know of one medic that did leave a FD to go to a hospital base system.

    I am a firm believer that Fire and EMS should be separate services. One of the fire chiefs in my area is so against ALS care it is scary (actual has tried disciplining EMTs for calling for ALS when mandated by protocol) Many of the chiefs have never been in an ambulance yet make the decision on how EMS should be run. Chiefs having no idea of how things work in the field seems to be a problem in all public safety.:p
  18. rocksy1826

    rocksy1826 MassCops Member

    hey, does the western mass area have municipal ems like boston, worcester and fall river ems? I'd think springfield might due to the size and types of calls
  19. Nachtwächter

    Nachtwächter New Member

    No, AMR does the 911 for Springfield and Holyoke. Some of the smaller communities have fire based services or separate rescue squads. I am not sure about the Berkshire area.
  20. Crvtte65

    Crvtte65 Moderator

    If you don't care about the money, NU is the top. I had no idea it went up that much, when I was considering it a few years ago it was only $10,000.
  21. Sgt Jack

    Sgt Jack Subscribing Member

    NU has always been pricey....even when I took the EMT B course back in 1994 they were charging $800 I can only imagine what the EMT and Medic courses cost now....Not too long ago Nu were running radio ads for the medic program and they made it sound like you could just walk on in off the street and start the program...kinda sacry when you think about it....anyone going into the medic program should have at the minimum 2 years BLS IMHO....Hey rocksy1826 never worked at Pro but I worked next door with Cataldo for a couple of years in the mid 90's...hearing about PRO was always entertaing although working for the Cataldos was no walk in the park either...Management by terrorism.. if you know what I mean....Had alot of good times and learned alot working on a rig...but I am much happier being in the cruiser now...
  22. rocksy1826

    rocksy1826 MassCops Member

    Yeah, i've never even applied to cataldo because the stories I hear from employees are ridiculous. I don't think I know anyone who is actually happy working there.

    Where I am now has it's share of issues... we're ousting our union because they don't do anything when we file complaints. NEMSA is what we're trying to get. They're supposed to be a savior and the great hope of EMS. The nice thing is the owner of the place i work is the greatest guy. If you're being totally screwed (which happens, of course) by supervisors or whatever.... go to him. It's kinda sad though. He doesn't seem to really know what's going on in his company unless someone is actually being terrorized and gets up the guts to go to him.

    still.... where i am is amazing compared to where I was. You wouldn't believe some of the abuse that was inflicted by management and FTO's at Pro. You get hurt? you're screwed. PTO? never heard of it. And you do not force female tech's in the back with section 12's that are convicted sex offenders. So much more and so much worse. I'm not even going to go into it. Nobody was watching your back there. It was all about the profit and getting as many programs and cert's they could so they could try to look elite. It's like a little dog with Napoleon syndrome, puffing out it's chest trying to act hardcore to hide the truth of it's size and flaws.

    the EMT-B program was pushing 2g's when I went. My EMT-I program wasn't so bad though. still... Amazing what they charge considering how EMS jobs actually pay.
  23. KozmoKramer

    KozmoKramer Administrator Staff Member

    Anyone know if David Raine is still running the show - teaching at NU Burlington?
    What a character.
  24. rocksy1826

    rocksy1826 MassCops Member

    not sure about him. one of the instructors is a medic from pro... great guy and incredible medic.
  25. KozmoKramer

    KozmoKramer Administrator Staff Member

    Yikes... When I got my Basic in 90 the price then was $600.00, which I thought was pricey.
    I think Action, or one of the other private companies were offering it for $300+/- at the time, but I was advised to go to NEU.
    2 grand, thats a lot for that course.

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