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Paragon Systems running a New Hire Class

Discussion in 'New England Employment' started by Badge 2, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. Badge 2

    Badge 2 MassCops Member

    For anyone interested Paragon Systems is running a new hire class to fill vacancies in VT in a couple of weeks and again in MA in February.

    Paragon Systems was just re-awarded the Govt contract for another 5 years.

    3 weeks of training includes one week of firearms. (Glock 22)

    Everything is provided: Uniforms, duty gear, weapon.

    I am not always on here but feel free to hit me up at [email protected]
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  2. CCCSD

    CCCSD MassCops Member

    Doing what job?
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  3. Badge 2

    Badge 2 MassCops Member

    Protective Security Officer
  4. Badge 2

    Badge 2 MassCops Member

    Protective Security Officer
  5. CCCSD

    CCCSD MassCops Member

  6. Eighty-eight

    Eighty-eight New Member

    I hear it's a tough place to work.
  7. Jrod6

    Jrod6 MassCops Member

    Pay? Qualifications? Any incentives for a bachelors?
  8. AB7

    AB7 MassCops Member

    Pay is pretty good from what I’ve heard. $29 for Western MA (Springfield/Pittsfield) and Fitchburg area. I believe Worcester/Boston is under a separate contract. Part of your compensation is like $3-4 that goes towards health insurance benefits so if you do not elect to participate, Paragon puts that into a separate savings account. So in reality your hourly pay is like $25-26 I think.

    I’ve heard good and bad about management. Different personalities, different styles. One might be a micromanager who will visit your post and critique whether you’re hiding a water bottle nearby. All my knowledge is second hand from people I know that either work or have worked there.

    The initial training is held in Connecticut, I want to say it’s near Cheshire forget the actual town. You go there for like 2 weeks including a week of firearms training and then they send you to Boston for x-ray and an overview of the company. In total the training might be 4 weeks long. They only pay you something like $11.50 when you’re in training. It’s Monday through Friday during the day time.

    As for the job, you’re posted at federal buildings so think Social Security, Government Services Administration, federal courthouses, etc. It’s an armed guard position which is basically access control.

    By no means am I trying to poo poo the job or the company. This is just my general understanding.

    They want you to have experience in armed positions so military, armed security, or police. I haven’t heard of any incentive for a college degree. And if you previously held a security clearance through the military, that might help.
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  9. Tango_Sierra

    Tango_Sierra MassCops Member

    Paragon seems like a good opportunity. Btw whatever happened to “MvM”? I always use to see them advertise for protection services around Boston years ago.
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  10. pahapoika

    pahapoika Subscribing Member

    Seems like all the older security companies in town have been replaced.

    I remember " Publicover " back in the 80s. Blue blazer and a two-way radio.

    Now it looks like they're hiring more people armed.
    Interviewed for a contract security outfit that does a lot of the state buildings.

    Money was so so. Could actually make more driving a truck. Just wondering if it's worth taking a pay cut ?
  11. CCCSD

    CCCSD MassCops Member

    Depends on your circumstances and monetary needs. Might be a good schedule?
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  12. pahapoika

    pahapoika Subscribing Member

    Yeah, day shift , quiet post, no heavy lifting :cool:

    Thought the CDL was the ticket to retirement. No union , no O/T , no benefits.

    Tell other guys considering early retirement - don't do it .
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  13. 38bigblock

    38bigblock MassCops Member

    Jeez, that’s base pay w/ out details & OT. If your not FT -LE, you’d be foolish not to apply!
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  14. CapeSpecial

    CapeSpecial MassCops Member

    All my experience is with their sister company (although the same contract) so take this for what it's worth.

    Pay is slightly incorrect. The health and welfare allowance is on top of your base pay. It is not costing you anything, and is paid by the company.

    Pay is awesome. OT opportunities vary widely depending on what district you are assigned to. Management is not very understanding, and you are definitely just a number. Actual job is very boring. If you have the mindset of go in, put up with the BS for 8 hours and go home, then it will be fine and give you a good paycheck. Definitely not a career.
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  15. pahapoika

    pahapoika Subscribing Member

    Seems Paragon has now been bought up by Securitas . Started the on-line process. The amount of paper work was incredible.

    Filled out half, saved it. Came back the next day - all gone !

    Other place called. Less money, less of everything, but still better than 90% of the other companies.
  16. Badge 2

    Badge 2 MassCops Member

    The hiring process is by far the worst part.
    You have to do X amount of paperwork for Paragon and X amount of paperwork for the government, including the always fun equip.
    I think most people like the job and I also think that the people that bitch would probably no matter where they were.
    Feel free to PM me and I will try to help with questions.
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  17. Badge 2

    Badge 2 MassCops Member

    Training for the CT contract is in CT, Training for the MA contract is done right at AFS in N. Attleboro, VT new hires get trained in VT.
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