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By Kevin Amerman
The Morning Call

EASTON, Pa. - An Easton man who fled from police in the South Mall parking lot last year, causing officers to open fire as holiday shoppers ran for safety, will spend at least the next three years in prison.
Aubuime Udeshi Akade, 25, was sentenced to three to seven years in state prison on three cases Monday by Lehigh County Judge William Platt.
In September, Akade pleaded guilty to two felonies -- aggravated assault for the South Mall incident and robbery for another case in which he stole thousands of dollars' worth of jewelry. He also pleaded guilty to marijuana possession from another arrest.
Akade gets no time credit for the 10 months he's spent in jail awaiting sentencing, said First Assistant District Attorney Steven Luksa. That time counted as a sentence for a parole violation from Akade's 2005 conviction on possession with intent to deliver heroin. He served six to 24 months in jail on that case.
''It has to stop,'' Platt told Akade, the father of a 16-month-old son. Akade said ''mistakes and bad choices being around certain people'' led him to crime.
''I apologize for everything I did,'' Akade said, as a handful of family members sat in the courtroom to support him.
On Dec. 7, 2007, police went to the mall on Lehigh Street on the Allentown-Salisbury Township line after an employee told mall security that two men were sitting in a parked car within sight of an armored car outside the Bank of America.
After police arrived, the person in the driver's seat, Amando Charles, got out. Akade slid into the driver's seat, put the vehicle in reverse and tried to flee.
One officer jumped out of the way, and two others shot at the vehicle. Akade, who struck other vehicles with the car as he fled, later was arrested at a nearby apartment complex.
Charles was issued a citation for the summary offense of not having a driver's license and was released. The incident occurred two days after a gunman killed eight people at a mall in Nebraska.
In October 2007, Akade robbed the Indian Boutique in Allentown, taking $37,000 in jewelry. Also in 2007, police found marijuana in Akade's car when he was pulled over on Interstate 78 in Upper Saucon.

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