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I was going to post this under "And so it begins...", but I thought this subject, well...attitude, frustration, disbelief, et cetera, needed its own thread. This was linked at the Rott and I have copied this screed in its entirety for continuities sake, and here is the Gonzman's site:

at the site just scroll down to the bottom...

Yes, I do mean it

November 15th, 2008 · 2 Comments

I'm done with liberals, lefties, marxists, democrats - call yourselves whatever. FOAD. I no longer want to "dialogue" with you (Mainly because to you it never means anything but "keep letting me nag away until you cave in from weariness if nothing else" - so, gonna be hard to talk with a busted jaw, eh wot?), have a beer, kiss and make up, or anything.



Your vision of "Amerika" is not my vision of America, nor what the founders intended. You've perverted it. So eat shit and fucking die.

Unless you're half-pricing a conservative shop - in which case you're making no money by any economic measure - I'm not buying from you. Them groceries ain't for sale. I'm not donating to your causes (Which means, charity, I will be inspecting your list of donations, and I find so much as a red cent for a Democrat for dogcatcher, you're off my Christmas card list.) You will post "Merry Christmas" and you will sell me a "Christmas Tree." If I wish your checkout lackey a Merry Christmas, and get anything else back, my next stop is customer service for a refund.

I'm not coming to your house, buying Lesbian Scout Cookies from your daughter - though I am buying a wreath from the Boy Scouts - or doing anything with anyone who doesn't support strong, conservative and Christian values and agendas. Just in the past couple weeks I've done so, and it has cost me an hour's worth of inconvenience - and saved me a couple hundred bucks.

I can live with that.

What I don't care to live with is YOU.

News Flash - I didn't vote for Bush or Clinton either, and while I have criticized them vigorously and in the most ice cold and mocking terms at times, I never tried to undercut the office and the nation because for the past 16 years - make that 20 - people "not from my party" have been in office. I've not wished ill on our soldiers, even during Clinton's "Wag the Dog" antics.
You. Fucking. Have. Strictly because GWB has had (R) after his name, and no other. Don't insult my intellegence by attempting to deny it, if he'd had a (D) there, you'd have been singing "Hosana" over him, and we'd be listening to three months of Network specials about "The Bush Legacy."

And I detest you, and hold you in the deepest contempt. I resent having to breathe the same air as you. You and I are not brothers, friends, or countrymen - in fact, you're not even the same species as me, you subhuman oxygen thieves. I wonder why there isn't a bounty on you, but probably because to pay what you are worth wouldn't cover the cost of the bullet it would take to put you out of respectable people's misery, you immoral filth. If you were on fire, I would step around you rather than waste the time to piss on you and put it out, and I'd charge your relatives for the disposal of your body, as well as fine your estate because your screams of pain were noise pollution.

Does that answer your question, motherfuckers? Barack Hussein Obama I dislike, but mostly because he's another thuggish politician bent of stealing my liberty - much like his predecessors Bush, Clinton, and Bush.

It's YOU I hate, though. I don't have "Obama Derangement Syndrome" - I have "Synchophantic Lemmingish Obama SUPPORTER Derangement Syndrome." Get it right, asstard.

In the previous post I referenced This Site - and this includes you tilty-head fuckdouches - but let me extend that to Peggy Noonan, Chris Buckley, and all the rest of the "Moderate" RINO cock-smokers.

While I am libertarian in every sense of the word, more and more I am coming to the conclusion that the Libertarian Party is bent of constantly snatching defeat from the jaws of saleability. So my intent is to give another chance to the Republicans to remake themselves as the party of Reagan. And it is high time for a Night of the Long Knives in that august assembly, with Arlen Specter, Olympia Snow, John McCain and all the rest of the east-coast, latte-sipping, champagne and caviar country-club Rockefeller Republicans. Onto the ash-heap of conservatism and go join the fucking DemocratsCommunists, you Quisling, turncoat, backstabbing, traitorous sacks of shit.

Or shut the fuck up, and sit down in the back of the fucking bus, and let the adults drive. Michael Steele, Fred Thompson, Sarahcuda, and Boby Jindhal - these are the people I want to hear.

Not you.

I don't want to hear anymore "Big Tent" bullshit.

No more "Democrat Lite" loserism.

None. It ends. Ronald Reagan and William F. Buckley are spinning in their graves.

The Republican party is a gathering of convenience where you can find any 9 out of 12 main issues garnering 90% of support, and the remaining 3 not being substantially opposed. Secure Borders. Bill of Rights enforcement (All TEN fucking amendments, not the Anti-Christian Litigation Unions 6 1/2 out of 10). Free Markets. Pro-Life. National Sovereignity. Strong Defense. Low Taxes. Abolishment of the Welfare State. Reduction of the size and intrusiveness of the government. Federalism. Anti-Nannystatism. Equality of opportunity, but not some mandated equality of result.

This shit is non-negotiable.

What? Lefty asshat, are you still here? I finished with you paragraphs back. You may leave now, and no, I'm not interested in your comments. If you had anything intellegent to say, you'd be a conservative.

So if you are a like minded conservative, lets start hooking up together and make Hitlery's paranoid fantasy of a "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy" a terrifying reality. And I volunteer to be a good soldier, in a bomb-throwing strictly gadfly kind of way.

At least for now, unless they come for my guns.

Let's do it.

RINO season is now open.
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