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By Mike McLaughlin
Foster City (Calif.) Police Department

From our first look in the kennel
You began to fill a void
I didn’t even know existed
There was no doubt, you were special
Through rain, snow, and blistering heat
You taught trust and commitment
With you at my side, I could face the fear
For in the darkness, evil we would meet
Laying in wait, totally alert
Outside Starbucks, that twinkle in your eye
Another unsuspecting victim
Wearing a five dollar coffee on their shirt
Training is over, our work together is done
Felons caught and the lost found
Only those like us know how tight we are bound
These tasks are left now for the young
With a stern and learned bark
The new dog to teach and warn
While you stay home now
He and I leave to face the dark
The autumn of your life, a new phase
The grey in your muzzle tells of the years
Protecting those asleep in our city
A new job now, there are children to raise
Holding you that last time, that last sigh
A look, a final kiss of my hand to let me know
You trusted me to close the circle and find the strength
To remember your courage, your honor, your unconditional love
And not the tears of our last Goodbye

Dedicated to the memory of:
Kim von der Brandenburg
Foster City Police Service Dog
January 1995 – June 2005
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