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Otj injuries

Discussion in 'Patrol' started by kdk240, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. kdk240

    kdk240 MassCops Member

    Curious for information purposes,
    Does anyone have any experience with Steve Balin or anyone else known for otj injury/comp based issues.?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Edmizer1

    Edmizer1 MassCops Member

    Guys I work with have used him and have no complaints. He knows all sides of PD injury law whereas some regular personal injury attorneys don't fully understand how 111f and the re-imbursement to towns system works. Its more complicated than regular personal injury law. I've heard how attorneys without special knowledge have screwed it up.

    The towns have specialized attorneys who know that system so its best to have someone on your side who knows it as well. You don't want to get a settlement and have the town seize the whole thing (except for attorney fees of course).
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  3. kdk240

    kdk240 MassCops Member

    Thank you sir. I appreciate the in put.

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