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This agency is in the midst of a recruitment drive and is adding over one hundred new troopers. The agency says in its' promotional material that you can easily transfer. I suggest you check the sites and consider.

Oregon State Police Now Hiring Lateral Transfers
Use your training, experience and background to start a career with the Oregon State Police

- Openings in most offices in the state
- You will know where you are assigned prior to recruit school

Requirements: (same as entry level recruit)
- Pass Written and Physical Testing
- Background Investigation
- Psychological and Medical Testing

Pay and Benefits:
- A comprehensive competitive benefit package
- Pay adjusted based upon experience

- Opportunities with Patrol, Criminal, and Fish and Wildlife
- Possible that you will not have to relocate

Promotional Opportunities:
- Eligible to promote to sergeant after two years of service with the State Police and a total of five years of law enforcement experience.

Adjusted Lateral Training Program:
- Oregon DPSST certified officers who lateral to OSP will be required to attend OSP mandatory 4 week pre-training and 4 week post training but are exempt from the DPSST 16 week basic course.
- Out of state certified police officers will be required to attend OSP mandatory 4 week pre and 4 week post training and are exempt from the 16 week basic course, however, must attend a two week DPSST Police Career Development Course.

- Full retirement is available as early as age 50 with 25 years of service, or at age 55 with as little as 5 years of service with PERS tier I or tier II.
- Oregon PERS is transferable if you are a current member.

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I actually gave this some serious consideration. Tpr Ken Terry's a nice guy and very helpful. The lateral gig's not too bad. They need the guys due to years of neglect from the pols. Unfortunately the wife had trepidations so I stopped the process. I recommend them for anyone looking for a move. Wife keeps it up and I might leave her ass here and make the jump myself....

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Do a google search on this agency. There not bad at all. Its just that the politicians failed to have an adequete funding mechanism for this agency. To the point where there was 1 Trooper for all shifts for some barracks.

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A lot of State Police agencies are starting to feel the pain of recruiting as well. Some agencies that would never take laterals, and make everyone who want to be a trooper go through the entire process, have gone on to start lateral academies. They've also started to cut back on alot of the BS of the academies.... For instance, Louisiana SP shrank their academy from 27ish weeks down to 17......

TImes are tough for police agencies and finding new officers...except in Massachusetts of course....
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