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Springfield , Oregon (KMTR) - Springfield police say a man was shot and killed after he pointed a gun at officers.The man was identified as 51 year old Richard Sykes of Springfield.
The shooting happened outside Sykes' home on F and 9th street.
A doctor's office notified police that Sykes was armed with a gun and threatening to kill himself.
When police arrived at the home on F and 9th, they say Sykes was not rational and threatened to shoot them.
Just after three, police say Sykes came out of his home armed with an assault rifle, pointed the gun at officers, and that's when four officers shot at him.
Neighbors - who were told to stay inside and keep their doors locked - heard the gunfire.
"Maybe 20 minutes later we heard gunshots go off and it was anywhere from 30 to 50 and then we all just hit the ground in the house," said Joseph Webb.
The four officers have been put on administrative leave until an investigation is complete.
Police Chief Jerry Smith says that many officers out of rotation puts a huge strain on the department.

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