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OPINION: Arrest of Woman Seems Like a Bad Call to a Florida Reporter

Discussion in 'Dispatch / Communications' started by cc3915, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. cc3915

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    The woman was worked up, and no doubt was a challenge for a Manatee County deputy to deal with.
    But I still don’t get how the heck Tamika S. Williams’ arrest last week can be lawfully justified. It looks like a classic case of the proverbial crime known as “irritating a cop.”
    The actual charge filed: Misusing 911. But the 911 call in question sounds like a perfectly reasonable one to me.
    Williams, 34, had been arrested previously, last year, for what looks like just cause: she was apparently driving drunk while taking her children to school, that arrest report said.
    I’d never argue about that one. But last week, Deputy Jason Farrier was sent to Williams’ home about what was listed as a domestic dispute, after Williams threw a man’s clothes and belongings out in her yard in an informal eviction.

  2. niteowl1970

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    This thread won't end well. Either a covert reporter or hater will light the fuse.

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    For what it's worth the first few comments were pro LE. Stopped reading after that so I wasn't dissapointed.
  4. niteowl1970

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    If this officer worked for my department I would of bought him dinner that night for saving me from having to listen to a raving mad woman demand services that I had already provided for her. The reporter probably leaves out that she was screaming in the street causing a disturbance bringing the entire neighborhood into her drama. The reporter also fails to understand that she was escalating the situation and the officer did what he needed to do to keep himself and everyone on scene safe.
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  5. OCKS

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    Most likely, like we have all seen the police have been to the address many many times.
  6. Johnny Law

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    Opinion: Douche Reporter's Opinion Piece Yellow Journalism

    As Delta pointed out in the past, I'm amazed by the people who have absolutely no idea on what this job consists of, tell us how they would do this job in the same circumstances. Hey dickhead, do I tell you how to write hatchet pieces in your rag? Do I tell you grammatically what mistakes you've made? No, I don't, now go suck on a running car's tailpipe, scumbag.

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