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Vanessa Blum Staff Writer

When federal marshals caught up with their quarry, he was cleaning the swimming pool of his Wellington home - in the nude, officials said.
The takedown, part of a statewide sweep dubbed Operation Orange Crush, was unusual, but less dangerous than some arrests, said Deputy U.S. Marshal Sean Sandler. The officers could clearly see Daniel BJorkland, 46, was not armed.
BJorkland, who is charged with sending pornography to minors, was among 1,400 South Florida fugitives apprehended during the 10-week operation, which was made public Thursday.
The effort resulted in roughly 2,500 arrests across Florida, including those of 255 alleged sex offenders and 55 alleged gang members. In addition, authorities seized 76 firearms.
From July 7 to Sept. 12, state and local law enforcement officers were deputized as U.S. marshals, meaning they could cross jurisdictional lines and arrest fugitives.
In Broward County alone, Sheriff Al Lamberti said state, local and federal law enforcement agencies made more than 300 arrests, including those of four homicide suspects. Across South Florida, authorities collared more than 143 accused sex offenders and 17 suspected gang members.
Among those now behind bars are two men suspected in a July 29 carjacking in Miramar. According to police, Gregory Jay and Vincent Green approached a woman as she walked to her car and one fired a shot that missed her head. Authorities later found the woman's Toyota Camry parked in front of Green's house and watched him move it into his driveway.
The U.S. Marshals Service is the nation's primary fugitive hunting agency. Operation Orange Crush was the first effort focusing on a single state, officials said.
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South Florida fugitives apprehended during 10-week Operation Orange Crush
Number of fugitives caught statewide

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