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Vera Cooper
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I really don't know where or how to begin this post. There is a lot I would like to say... but for once, I'm at a loss for words, or at least how I want to say them without leaving out anything important. I just want to say to everyone, my neighbors, my family, my friends, the Franklin community, the Tangier community, even to strangers we have never met... thank you. Your kindness, generosity, support and love is overwhelmingly amazing. We wouldn't be doing this well if we didn't have you all behind us.

I am so sorry for my neighbors, especiallyJulie Alpert WarnerandChris Warner,Kirsten Tunney Fournierand John,Tricia Murphy Finamoreand Jim, and their children. I know these memories are going to stay with them for a while. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. They're going through a hard time too, especially after the second night, as if the first wasn't traumatic enough. Fires have a way of staying with you for a long time.

If anyone is considering making a charitable donation, please consider Tufts Animal Hospital in Walpole. We will never forget how good they were to us when we needed it most, and especially for how they took care of Daisy.

The Franklin Fire Department... man. How can one even begin to express thanks to them for everything they've gone through as well? How can we even begin to thank them for rescuing Daisy, and for helping us with a place to stay? If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Firefighters, police and first responders often don't get half of the thanks and appreciation they deserve. People really don't understand and take for granted how much stress comes with these jobs. First responders run in when everyone else is running away. Keep them in your prayers too, every day. If you see one, thank them for what they do, every day. Bring them a cup of coffee. Little simple gestures every day mean so much.

Lastly, I would like to say, this is the second time I personally have been through something like this. We still don't know what the exact cause of the fire was, but we hope that this should be a reminder for people to take extra precautions. Don't cheap out on your insurance, make sure your property is covered for the right amount (and if you're renting, have renters insurance... it's not that expensive, and soooo worth it). Make sure you have easily accessible working fire extinguishers in your home. If you have the money, invest in hard wired smoke and carbon detectors, a sprinkler system even, and keep flammable stuff in a shed or detached garage. Make sure nothing is blocking any exits from your home, that back door you're not using or whatever. Stay safe, everyone. Accidents can happen, malfunctions, there are things you can't prevent, but there are simple measures you can take to lessen the chances of total devastation.

We are all lucky to be alive and all together. Things can be replaced, loved ones can't. We have to start over from scratch, but we're beyond grateful for everyone that jumped into action to help us begin that process. Thank you all again from the bottom of our hearts for your continued love, care and support, and please keep us in your prayers as we begin to rebuild.
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