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A police chase through several communities and the driver - still on the run.
I would have thought several was more than two? (Seekonk and Attleboro)

The pursuit started in Seekonk and ended here in Attleboro. That's when the driver got out - and ran off. A k-9 unit from the Bristol county sheriff's department was called in.
Dog was more interested in marking his territory than anything else.

Police tell Eyewitness News - they know who was driving the truck - and are now on the lookout for the suspect. No word on why he was pulled over - or what charges he faces.
He wasn't pulled over! Prick lost us and abandoned the vehicle. We never even saw him.

Must have been a slow news night, The 12 truck was on the scene quicker than some of the responding units. Anyway a little excitement for the night but nothing that should have made the morning news, why isn't the media around when we actually look good and catch the lil pricks.
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