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LOWELL -- Four masked men armed with a shotgun and automatic handgun stormed into a home in the 600 block of Broadway Street Friday night shortly before 11, according to initial police reports.
Police quickly arrested one man, but it was unclear what happened to the other suspects or whether the weapons were found.
Nobody was reported injured.
Police said the men were masked when they went in the home and at least one person inside sought refuge in a bedroom.
Police spotted the apparent getaway car on Waugh Street moments after the invasion.
Police from the department's community response team coincidentally spotted a black Audi A4 driving without its headlights and pursued it before the crime was even reported.
The car stopped on Waugh Street near the intersection with Walker Street.
"Several individuals were stopped," said Sgt. Donald G. Crawford. "Currently one is under arrest for the robbery."
Police said they planned to charge the man with armed robbery while masked. His name was not immediately available.

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