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In one explosive moment on Monday night, six people were shot in East Oakland in what neighborhood residents said sounded like a shoot out.
At least one person was killed.
One woman who chose to remain anonymous said, "I heard something go boom, boom boom. Just back to back to back, so it had to be like fifteen shots or something."
Police say when the shooting at Seminary Avenue and East 17th street stopped, six people were wounded. One of the victims was taken to the hospital where he died.
Several people who asked that their identities not be revealed said they heard a series of gunshots and that the gunfire sounded like it came from two different guns.
Police have not released many details, but a sergeant at the scene said the people involved in the shooting were quote "not on the same team." An officer said one assault rifle was recovered.
Weary neighbors are putting out a plea to the young men and women of Oakland to stop hurting and killing each other.
One woman said, "It's got to stop. It's so sad. I mean and we're talking about a change and this is something that really needs to change. All this killing. One dies, another dies, and it's about what? Nothing."

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