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on th news TV station subject...

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from our friends on FOX, posted on the website

"Nametag Allowance: Is it a waste of money?
Police Officers in Lowell get paid $450 a year to wear their nametags. The city spends more than $110,000 each year on the nametag allowance. It's in the contracts between the city and the police unions. Those contracts are up at the end of June. Do you think the nametag allowance should stay in the new contracts? Call Lowell City Manager John Cox at 978-970-4000 to voice your opinion."

from the fox undercover section
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tomahawk said:
This is right up there with the Lowell Sun's recent blasting of Lowell cops who "double their salary" by working paid details.

Uhh... so what's the problem? Oh yeah, the paper fails to EVER mention to the public that details are paid for by the contractor, and the city actually receives an administrative fee on top of that, so the city is MAKING money, not losing it.

-Mike ](*,)
Do you think they would post a story about Plumbers "doubling their salary" by working twice as much? They act like we get detail pay if we just request it. Guys work 80+ hours per week and the Newsrags act like the money is just handed to them.
Dane said:
In reporting this non-news, the Glob fails to account for the percentage of these hard earned salaries that goes to the housing costs cops have to put up with due to the residency requirement. These liberal douchebags LOVE to take shots at cops. Must be jealous or something.
"...But Samuel R. Tyler, president of the Boston Municipal Research Bureau, said the union's leaders have little to complain about when it comes to pay. Boston, with the country's 20th-largest police force, has one of the nation's best-paid forces, he said.

"Police officers in Boston are compensated very favorably compared to their counterparts in other major cities," Tyler said. "We're competitive with just base pay compared to other police departments. When you add on the other pieces, with paid details and Quinn Bill, Boston is one of the top cities in the country in terms of police compensation."

"After three decades of seeking the Quinn Bill, once having achieved it, you'd think they'd cut the mayor some slack and appreciate that a major priority was realized," Tyler said.

I did a little research on this Tyler idiot...apparently he has been the head of that Boston Municipal Research Bureau thinktank for about 20 or 30 years. That means he has never had a real job...I wonder what he makes? How much would you have to pay HIM to get him to stick his head up in an attic while looking for a suspect and take a shot to the face, like that Boston cop did?

F*cking ivory tower intellectuals, somehow they know more about Police work than actual cops, even though they have never pinned on a badge.

If I were Nee, I would find out how much this scumbag makes and throw it at HIM the next time he fires off his mouth. A Boston cop making $50K isn't much when a 2 BR condo in Boston costs $300-$400,000.

I LOVE this quote:

"But Tyler said pay figures for police officers should include Quinn Bill benefits, which are available to police officers but not firefighters. The Quinn Bill boosts base pay by 10 percent for an associate's degree in criminal justice, 20 percent for a bachelor's, and 25 percent for a master's."

"Two-thirds of the Boston police force -- and more than half of its 1,400 patrolmen -- receive extra pay because of the program."

So, basically, ALMOST half of the patrolmen ( the group in the contract fight) DON"T get Quinn Bill, but these geniuses want to treat it as base pay?

A**holes. :twisted:
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