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    This group have helped so many Cops, Fire Fighters, EMS and Dispatchers. Now they need our help.

    The funding for On-Site Academy through Massachusetts Department Fire Services and through the Department of Corrections has been cut from the 2016 State Budget. Massachusetts, We need your help!!

    Representative Stephen DiNatale is filing an amendment to the budget and his office has sent out an email to request co-sponsors. We need our Massachusetts supporters to call their State Representatives and ask their Rep. to contact DiNatale’s office to co-sponsor one or both of these amendments. We have until Friday, April 17th, at 2pm!

    What is this money for?
    The money in the amendment under DFS, funds the residential and outpatient training and treatment of Massachusetts Emergency Safety Personnel such as Law Enforcement, Firefighters and EMS that are struggling with critical incident stress, trauma and/or substance use. The money under DFS also funds the training and materials of the Massachusetts Peer Support Network made up of volunteers providing critical incident stress management in the field. The amendment under DOC will provide significant training to DOC employees on Critical Incident Stress Management and Substance Use as well as training specific to working with Veterans. The DOC funding will also begin to cover residential and outpatient services for their employees also struggling with critical incident stress, trauma and/or substance use.

    These services are specialized to first responders and not covered by insurance outside of a hospital setting. On-Site Academy has been providing these services for 23 years and has highly trained and specialized staffing and peers to work with the target populations. The funding is critical because services are not covered by insurance and can therefor be cost-preventative to the individual. No individual is turned away due to an inability to pay for services but this funding is what keeps the doors open, the lights on and the highly trained staff working and up-to-date on the latest treatment methods and information in the field.

    Thank you for your support on this time sensitive matter! We will do our very best to keep everyone updated through the Facebook page as well at www.facebook.com/OnSiteAcademy. If you have any questions you can contact Joan David at the above number or Arianna Setzco at On-Site Academy via email [email protected] or her work cell phone between 6am and 9pm at (978) 212-9548.
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