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OMAHA, Neb. --
Omaha Police officers Paul Latschar and Jerald Swanson were promoted to Sergeant Thursday morning in a ceremony that offered a personal reminder of police officers' potentially lethal duties.
Latschar and Swanson were involved in an August shooting after a suspect they pulled over opened fire on them.
Latschar was hit by multiple bullets. Doctors at Creighton University Medical Center said he arrived at the hospital with no pulse and no blood pressure.
They resuscitated him with 20 units of blood and emergency surgery.
Swanson was not injured in the shooting.
"This situation is an example of what any officer may confront in the line of duty," Fahey said at the ceremony.
"And while Officer Latschar was severely wounded, I think we're all very pleased with his speedy recovery."

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