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OMAHA (KPTM) - An Omaha police officer was critically injured after being shot while on duty Wednesday night. OPD says the officer has been upgraded to critical but stable condition this morning.
Police say the officer was conducting a traffic stop around 10:50 p.m. near 42nd and Camden Avenue.
The supect shot the officer multiple times, before running into a neighboring yard.
Police were able to track the suspect down a short time later. A gun was also recovered in the area.
The was officer was taken to Creighton University Medical Center in critical condition with a reported gun shot wound to the lower abdomen.
He is currently in critical, but stable condition.
The officer has not been identified, but is part of the gang investigation unit.

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Critical Omaha officer expected to recover

By Lynn Safranek and Judith Nygren
The Omaha World-Herald

OMAHA, Neb. - It was almost too late for Omaha Police Officer Paul Latschar.
"We had a five-minute window to save his life," said Dr. Robert Fitzgibbons Jr., one of the surgeons who operated on the wounded officer at Creighton University Medical Center.
Latschar, who had been shot after a Wednesday night traffic stop, had lost a huge amount of blood, and had no blood pressure and no pulse.
But he did have brain activity, Fitzgibbons said.
After four hours of surgery -- and 20 units of blood, twice a person's blood volume -- doctors are hopeful he will recover.
Latschar was in critical condition but was expected to make a full recovery, barring any infections or complications, Fitzgibbons said. The doctor said he was hopeful the officer could be taken off the ventilator today.
"We're anticipating that he'll come around," said Fitzgibbons.
Latschar, 35, and fellow gang unit Officer Jerry Swanson were leaving the scene of a shooting Wednesday night when they recognized a man in a car who shouldn't have been driving.
They knew the man had a suspended driver's license. They also knew he was a gang member.
What they couldn't know was how Corey T. Allen would respond after they pulled over his car at 42nd Street and Camden Avenue.
Allen, 30, is accused of opening fire on the officers, shooting Latschar three times -- once in his bulletproof vest, once in the abdomen and once in the left arm -- and nearly killing him.
Latschar was rushed to Creighton. He had four hours of surgery, and his condition stabilized this morning.
Latschar and Swanson responded to a shooting at 9:37 p.m. at 4389 Laurel Ave. Ladell Walton Jr., 27, was shot on his porch by one of five people in a dirty-gray, four-door car, police said. Walton's injuries were not life-threatening, they said.
The officers went on "hot spot" patrol -- what officers call the special attention they give to high-crime areas -- in their unmarked black Dodge Intrepid after finishing work on the shooting, Police Chief Eric Buske said at a morning press conference.
At 10:47 p.m., Latschar and Swanson recognized Allen driving a white Cadillac near 42nd Street and Grand Avenue. Knowing he had a suspended license and was a gang member, the officers activated their police car's emergency lights and pulled over his car. Both were wearing "clearly marked" Omaha police attire, Buske said.
Allen was the only person in the Cadillac.
As the officers approached Allen's car, Buske said, Allen got out and began firing at them. Both officers, who were wearing bulletproof vests, returned fire. Latschar was struck by Allen's bullets and called for his own rescue squad.
A citizen tended to Latschar while medics were on their way, Buske said. Meanwhile, Swanson chased Allen and called for other officers to help, Buske said.
Officers found Allen hiding next to a house's foundation near 42nd and Fort Streets after a chase. Police recovered a gun from the roof of a house at 4224 Fort St.
Within two minutes of Latschar's call for help, rescuers with Fire Engine 21 were at the scene. But already, Latschar was struggling for life.
Rescuers began working to control Latschar's bleeding and keep his airway open. By 10:56 p.m., Latschar was in the back of an ambulance and on the way to Creighton.
Doctors took over at 11:03.
A bullet that went into Latschar's abdomen damaged a major blood vessel in his leg, causing a life-threatening injury, Fitzgibbons said. The bullet also damaged the small intestine.
Mayor Mike Fahey and Buske asked that the citizens of Omaha pray for Latschar, an eight-year veteran.
Allen is a felon with a history of drug and gun crimes, according to police and court records.
Omaha police arrested Allen on suspicion of attempted first-degree murder, use of a weapon to commit a felony and being a felon in possession of a weapon.
Fahey and Deputy Police Chief Mark Sundermeier came to the hospital to meet with the numerous police officers who also had gone there -- Buske was out of town. A couple of police cruisers barreled up the emergency room ramp about 12:30 a.m. Latschar's wife, Tara, also came to the hospital.
The shooting occurred 13 years to the day after Officer Jimmy Wilson Jr., a 24-year-old rookie officer, was shot to death in an ambush near 40th and Blondo Streets. Camden is about two miles north of Blondo.
Near the shooting scene Wednesday night, neighbors said they heard 15 to 20 gunshots ring out.
Andre Jones, 35, said he was visiting a friend near 42nd and Camden, about seven blocks north of Ames Avenue. They were on the porch when he heard gunfire, Jones said.
He said he saw two people running near the intersection.
Jones said it sounded like a gunfight.
"I just thought it was two fools shooting at each other," he said. "I ran and hid . . . I hid by the side of the house. I dived, man."
Jones said he saw a third person who appeared to be chasing after the other two.
Bill Simet, 32, who also lives in the area, said he suddenly saw police cruisers descending on the intersection -- "just sirens and lights and squealing tires."
"I feel it's awful if anyone gets shot, an officer or anyone," Jones said. "It's too bad there's got to be so much ignorance out here."
Residents said gun violence occurs too frequently in the neighborhood.
"I hope the cop is going to be OK," said Rashonda Stricklin, 32. "I'm sure he has a wife . . . I'm sure he never thought on a night on the job this would have happened to him."
Investigators remained throughout this morning. An area around Fontenelle Boulevard, 42nd Street, Camden Avenue and Fort Street remained blocked off.

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Wounded Neb. officer out of hospital

By Michael O'Connor
The Omaha World-Herald

OMAHA, Neb. - Omaha Police Officer Paul Latschar has been released from Creighton University Medical Center, less than two weeks after being shot and critically wounded after a late-night traffic stop.
Latschar, barring any complication, is expected to make a full recovery, said Dr. Robert Fitzgibbons, his surgeon.
Fitzgibbons said Monday that given the seriousness of his injuries, Latschar has made remarkable progress since the Aug. 20 shooting.
"He is ahead of the game," Fitzgibbons said.
Fitzgibbons said Latschar's overall good health and strong physical condition at the time of the shooting helped in his recovery.
He said the officer, who suffered an injury to an important vein near his right hip and his small intestine, is able to walk by himself and eat regular food. He will require physical therapy to improve his strength, Fitzgibbons said.
Fitzgibbons said it would be at least six weeks before Latschar could return to work.
Aaron Hanson, president of the Omaha Police Union, said he is pleased that Latschar has made good progress and that the community has been so supportive.
"It's a good feeling to see how strong this community feels about its police officers," he said.
Latschar and his partner, Jerry Swanson, both members of the department's gang unit, were patrolling near 42nd Street and Camden Avenue when they recognized and pulled over Corey T. Allen, a gang member who had a suspended driver's license.
Allen is accused of shooting at the officers, wounding Latschar, when the officers stepped out of their unmarked police car.
Latschar was hit in the left arm, the lower abdomen and his bulletproof vest. He lost massive amounts of blood. As he was taken into surgery at Creighton, he lost his pulse and blood pressure. The medical team began CPR and restored them.

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