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SAN FRANCISCO—Nearly three dozen veteran San Francisco police officers filed an age discrimination lawsuit Monday, alleging that younger colleagues consistently have been promoted over them. The federal class-action lawsuit claims that while older officers passed tests to become inspectors in the investigations bureau, young and less-qualified officers were chosen. The suit names Chief Heather Fong and the department.
Those younger cops are actually sergeants actually doing the work of inspectors, said plaintiffs lawyer Richard Hoyer.
He said all of his clients have worked 30-plus years on the force and received numerous commendations. They also are among more than 450 officers who passed the inspector's test 10 years ago and were placed on a waiting list.
Juanita Stockwell, a 28-year-veteran who has worked on the department's gang task force, said she's still waiting.
"I took the test. I passed the test," Stockwell, 60, said. "I've done the job, I'm qualified for the job, yet I still can't get promoted."
Calls placed to Gary Delagnes, president of the San Francisco Police Officers Association, were not immediately returned.
Fong's office referred calls to the City Attorney Dennis Herrera. His spokesman, Matt Dorsey, said the city attorney had not seen the lawsuit and had no immediate comment.
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