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(Columbus, Ohio) Gun control advocates were dealt a severe setback this week when the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that cities cannot ban guns in public parks.
In a 4-3 decision, the court upheld an appeals court ruling that had struck down the city of Clyde's 2004 ban on guns in its parks because it conflicts with the state's multifaceted concealed-carry law. Clyde is southwest of Sandusky.

The ruling not only eliminates gun bans in Independence and Cleveland Heights parks but also threatens several Cleveland gun restrictions and all but kills further efforts by cities to trump or challenge the 4-year-old state law.

"The main impact is that it is going to restrict municipalities, city councils and so forth from restricting the rights of Ohio citizens who carry concealed weapons in public areas," said Patrick Lewis, a Cleveland attorney and member of the conservative Federalist Society, who was not involved in the case.​
Despite the ruling, Second Amendment advocates and opponents remain sharply divided on the issue of firearms. However, the issue before the Supreme Court was argued on the basis of a constitutional provision which allows municipalities to establish "home rule" laws which conflict with state law. The majority ruled that the state concealed-carry law took precedence over the home rule provision since it was enacted by the legislature to apply to the whole state.

Know that the controversy is hardly over. Given the fanaticism of the anti-gun utopians, I'm certain that rights granted by the Second Amendment will forever be under attack.

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Ohio is a bit weird on their carry laws for anyone not familiar with them. For example, a few years ago before it was ratified (it was difficult to find the information on the changes which made it even more confusing) - even if you had a concealed carry permit, if you were in a motor vehicle it had to be carried openly...which pretty much means in the cupholder because it's a little difficult to not carry a weapon concealed in a vehicle unless you happen to have a full size pistol and it is in a shoulder holster and you aren't wearing a jacket.

My other favorite part about Ohio carry laws is that you can't carry in any government-owned buildings or property...which includes highway rest areas. :crazy:

Beyond that, you can't carry in a restaurant that has a liquor license - even if you aren't drinking.

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Massachusetts is nothing to brag about in the area of restricting the issuing of gun permits. Good luck in Boston, by the time you jump threw all the hoops, or attempt to it is almost a year before you get it.

How about the appoved firearm roster list? Orshould I say the 2 lists tha a firearms has to be on in order for law abiding citizen to purchace a new fiearm. When this was enacted the AG at the time later said he knew it was illegal but it still remains in place.

If you fit the political anti gun agenda like Mr. Rosenthall did you can break both Federal & State law and avoid prosecution.

We better pray that McCain gets in.
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