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Jill Del Greco, Reporter

DAYTON, Ohio --
Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl announced Tuesday that probationary police officer Jack Brooks was discharged due to unsatisfactory performance while on probation.
Brooks shot and killed Ricky Moore, 35, on Parkwood Avenue on July 19. Authorities said the officer stopped Moore to question him because he matched the description of a robber. Moore allegedly attacked Brooks during the field interview, which led to the shooting.
Last week, Chief Biehl said he had signed papers recommending that Brooks be terminated just days before the shooting happened.
Dayton City Manager Rashad Young approved Chief Biehl's recommendation to discharge the officer Monday.
City leaders cited several reasons for Brooks' termination, including three policy violations found by members of the Internal Affairs Bureau who investigated the shooting.
The recommendation for probationary release says, "First, he (Brooks) failed to notify the communications center that he left the location of the original robbery call and was initiating a field interview with Mr. Moore several blocks away. This is a violation of the communications policy and of accepted safety practices. Second, Officer Brooks stated he initiated the field interview with Mr. Moore while still seated in his cruiser. This is a violation of the field interview policy and of accepted safety practices. Third, he failed to activate his Mobile Video Recorder as he conducted the field interview. This is a violation of the police vehicles policy."
A release issued by Young's office said the discharge followed a comprehensive administrative review of Brooks' actions since becoming a police officer in November 2007.
Officials said since graduating from the police academy, Brooks received one training memorandum, four oral reprimands, one written reprimand and one request for charges and specifications.
Other reasons cited for Brooks' dismissal include the failure to appear for court on two occasions, a policy violation by appearing in public while off-duty in an incomplete Dayton police uniform, the failure to submit proper reports in a timely manner, the shooting of city-issue duty ammunition while practicing his shooting skills on a private range in New Lebanon, Ohio, and the failure to arrest a subject who was wanted on a misdemeanor warrant out of Butler County.
The discharge was effective immediately.
Officials said the ongoing investigation by the homicide squad, which will be reviewed by the Montgomery County Prosecutor's Office, and the administrative investigation by the Internal Affairs Bureau will continue and will determine the legal and administrative propriety of Brooks' actions in Moore's fatal shooting.

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