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The U.S. Border Patrol has recorded close to 100 more assaults against agents so far in 2008 than last year.
The latest incident happened at the San Ysidro crossing over the weekend, 10News reported.
A video taken from an area east of the San Ysidro Port of Entry known as "the soccer field" showed a man shooting rocks from a slingshot at an agent near the border.
The agent was not hurt, but according to the Border Patrol it is a growing trend. Agents said people are targeting border officials now more than ever before.
Since Oct. 1, 2007, there have been 340 cases -- up from 254 the year before.
Some cases have turned deadly, with one agent, Luis Aguilar, being killed in January.
In that case, a suspected smuggler struck Aguilar while he was trying to place spike strips.
The Border Patrol said when the U.S. steps up its patrols along the border, drug cartels retaliate with violence against law enforcement.
Despite the danger, agents said they will continue to protect the border.

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I wonder how much violence against our border patrol agents could be averted with a turret mount .50 cal and Mark 19 at each border point of entry.

The more I hear about this BS, the more pissed off I get. The U.S. has no problem defending other countries, but our border is fair game.
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