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Officers Instructed To Not Enforce Immigration

Discussion in 'Illegal Immigration Issues' started by kwflatbed, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Col James Lowe

    That is true in a perfect world. We have to return to USA 101. Inspire Patriots. Teach Civics 101. The cause is not dead yet. Veterans have to speak up and demand illegals to leave. Stop all the social and economic benefits in this Republic of Massachusetts and send the message we will no longer tolerate Illegals. Prosecute the offenders, businesses that hire them.
    I have always respected the Marines and their philosophy. From a Navy man and please do not hold that against me.
  2. sherifflittle

    sherifflittle MassCops Member

    Ah let em all in. I don't need to support my family. I would much rather pay for all of them to live here in Govt. housing w/ Govt meals and Govt money.
  3. yah-right

    yah-right New Member

    It's this type of thinking thats making this country weak and vulnerable. I understand that most of us had our ancestors come to this country illegally, but it was a different time. They where not coming to kill people in this country. They where comming to escape thier own opressed countries and to work and accomplish what use to be the Americam Dream.

    Now they come to live off our welfare to find ways of getting things free and some to find away to hurt this country. It's time we came up with a plan that would impower our Police and Law Enforcement community so that we can get some kind of a handle on illegal immigration. Look the key word is ILLEGAL, but we have to allow our local Law Enfocement to start doing thier jobs, then we just might start to get some kind of handle on this dilema.

    IT STARTS AT HOME! and the politicians that try and stop them should be arrested for obstruction of justice.
  4. wethammer

    wethammer New Member

    Y'all really need to start calling ICE until their phones melt. It's their JOB to go into the jails on a daily basis, determine if a prisoner is illegal, and place an Immigration hold on them so you can notify them the day before you kick them out the door. They are then supposed to show up and take custody of the alien and let the system take care of him/her/it.
  5. SgtAndySipowicz

    SgtAndySipowicz Supporting Member

    It has happened to every great superpower in history. Just do some quick research. You'll see that what a country is originally founded on (their principles) is torn apart and the coutry changes for the worse. In this case the LIBERALS are destroying a country founded on CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN principles.
  6. wethammer

    wethammer New Member

    AMEN! It just amazes me, (in a very bad way), that we've allowed them to do what they've done to our country. When I lived in CA, they used to "Recall" incumbents that were leaning in the wrong direction and boot them out the door. CA may have something there.

    Buena suerte...the Hammer
  7. Stalker

    Stalker MassCops Member

    I here that! Were I used to live I thought We were being over run, and when I applied for job and had joint interview it was always an alien that got it that BaReLy spoke ''American". It got bad enough to the point where the town cops were afraid on getting sued for racism for pulling over from what look like an immigrant.
    Maybe we all should empower ourselves, police and myself(aux) to take out the resource drainers
  8. bbelichick

    bbelichick Moderator Staff Member

    Perhaps You Didn't Get The Job BeCaUsE of YoUr Strange TyPing PatTerNs aNd WeErd SpElliNg?
  9. Murph

    Murph New Member

    Need to get rid of the politics, and enforce the laws. To do this we need to remove the politically correct politicians and elect the person(s) who will stand by this country. If need be, we vote out all of the incumbents.

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