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David Semenza.

MANSFIELD (WBZ) ― The Mansfield police officers who shot and killed a bank robbery suspect in April have been cleared of any wrongdoing.

Investigators said David Semenza, 20, of North Easton, and another man robbed the North Easton Savings Bank on April 24. At the time, police said he was shot by officers "after making furtive motions, reaching for something and failing to comply with numerous police orders."

After a four-month investigation, the Bristol County District Attorney's Office said Tuesday the officers were justified, because their "actions were necessary to defend themselves and others."

"The evidence gathered during the investigation shows Mr. Semenza willfully and intentionally refused to comply with police orders," District Attorney Samuel Sutter said in a statement.

"The officers, according to a thorough review, were justified in using their weapons after Mr. Semenza failed to comply with their orders, advanced upon them and removed a black object from his pocket."

Semenza died at the scene. Police later determined that he was unarmed during the robbery and was unarmed when he was shot by police.

The alleged getaway driver, George Moore, 21, of Easton, surrendered immediately.

Investigators say Semenza got away with $4,669 before he was shot.
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