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A Frisco, Texas police officer who was directing traffic over the weekend caught sight of someone trying to steal his truck, authorities said.

James Matthew Herring

Officer Jerry Varner was directing traffic around 10:45 p.m. Saturday outside of the Edgefest 18 concert at Main and Coleman streets when he saw a maroon Chevrolet pickup coming toward him, police said.
Officer Varner quickly realized it was his truck - and that he didn't know the person behind the wheel.
He ordered the driver to pull over, but instead the driver placed the vehicle in reverse and attempted to flee the scene, nearly striking several other vehicles, police said.
Officer Varner, who is a long distance runner, and a parking attendant nearby started chasing the truck. As police cars surrounded the truck, the driver jumped out and began to run.
Officers soon captured the suspect, police said.
James Matthew Herring, 22, of Grand Saline was charged with theft and evading arrest with a vehicle, police said.
Officer Varner's truck, which had been parked less than 100 yards from where he was directing traffic, was not damaged.

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