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Officer Shot, Not Recovered for 90 Minutes.

Discussion in 'War Stories' started by Hush, Feb 7, 2014.

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    Officer in training shot in head while responding to call. Officers on scene made judgment call that he was DRT. They probably did the right thing by not entering the kill zone to recover a body. A tough position I wouldn't want to be in.
    Brings up the importance of SMOKE for concealment/evac. 1 or 2 Smoke Grenades in the trunk, in the go-bag, or on the plate carrier could make the difference. You can buy military style M18 smoke grenades with dept letterhead, or use maritime signal smokes, readily available from boat stores.
    For Active Killer in a school....throwing a smoke down a hallway could make evacuating classrooms easier. A barricaded shooter between you and a downed officer, you could approach and evacuate under the concealment to smoke.

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