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An off-duty Baltimore County police officer shot two burglars in his home early this morning, Baltimore City police said.

Police received a call at 7:25 a.m. about a shooting at a house in the 200 block of Evesham Ave. in North Baltimore, near the Baltimore County line. They found two wounded men, each with one gunshot wound, at the home, said city police spokesman Donny Moses.

A Baltimore County police officer who lives at the house, the last on a short block with heavy foliage, shot the men after he found them taking items, including a generator, from the first floor of his home, police said. One of the victims had a weapon, but police wouldn't say what kind of weapon it was. Moses said it was not a gun.

The police officer had gone downstairs after his wife heard a noise, authorities said..

"She alerted her husband, who grabbed his revolver and went downstairs to check," Moses said.

Police did not release the officer's name. The suspects were also not identified because they have not been charged, Moses said.

One suspect was taken to Sinai Hospital and the other was taken to Union Memorial Hospital. A tan pickup belonging to the suspects was still parked outside of the house this morning.

Moses said that city detectives interviewed the officer as part of the standard procedure when an officer is involved in a shooting.

The officer has been placed on paid leave, also standard procedure, said Baltimore County police Sgt. Bruce Aris.
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