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WEST COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - South Congaree Police Department Lt. Josh Shumpert is trying to stick to his normal routine, but it hasn't been easy.
On Friday night, Shumpert was one of the first emergency responders to the scene of the fatal plane crash at Columbia Metropolitan Airport. The camera in his patrol car captured the first dramatic footage of the plane on fire.
Shumpert was also one of the first people to speak to survivors Travis Barker and Adam Goldstein.
Shumpert and the department have been bombarded by requests for interviews and comments from People Magazine, Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition and others. However, the South Congaree police chief says the National Transportation Safety Board doesn't want Shumpert to do any on-camera interviews.
You can hear Shumpert in the video, radioing in that he's got "two on the ground with burns."
Off-camera, Shumpert said both musicians described how they got out of the plane. He says they told him they slid down a wing, possibly on the right side of the Learjet. The two said they then rolled around and even jumped on each other trying to smother the flames on their clothes.
Shumpert says Barker was shaking and asking for an ambulance. The officer says he tried to comfort Barker, reassuring him that help was on the way. He says both men were injured and shaken up, but able to walk around.
As they continue their recovery in Augusta, investigators wrapped up work Tuesday to remove what was left of the plane from Highway 302.
The Department of Transportation now expects the roadway to reopen on Thursday at 6am.
A quote from a friend and business associate of Barker's via the Associate Press says he has undergone several surgeries for burns to his torso and lower body.
The friend says Barker is trying to stay upbeat, possibly living out the message in one of his multiple tattoos; the one around his neck says in part, "Chaos often breeds life."

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