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Offender gives himself away by correcting police

A man was in prison today for affray after phoning police investigating his
crime to tell them their witness appeal was wrong.

The appeal, released the day after the incident at the Sharman Road lake
in the St James area of Northampton,UK on May 19, said a man had
approached an angler, grabbed him by the neck and demanded his fishing

But after it was published in the press, Paul Snelson effectively shopped
himself by calling Northamptonshire Police on May 21 to complain that the
appeal details were incorrect.

He claimed he had not approached the victim, and said he had instead
been acting in self-defence. The call led to his arrest and he was charged.

Snelson, 20, of Caledonian House, Argyll Street, Northampton, was
sentenced at the town's Crown Court yesterday after pleading guilty to

He was also sentenced for two counts of actual bodily harm which he
admitted in a previous hearing, and one count of arson.

He was handed a 30-month sentence, concurrent for all offences.
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