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Rozanna M. Martinez Journal Staff Writer

A woman was arrested for child abuse after an off-duty police officer saw her staggering in a Rio Rancho neighborhood with a bottle of vodka and falling on one of her children, a police report says.
Natalie D. Barry, 26, of Rio Rancho, is charged with two counts of abandonment or abuse of a child, according to a criminal complaint.
The off-duty officer was jogging Monday near Fulcrum Way and Enchanted Hills when he saw a woman, later identified as Barry, staggering and carrying a bottle of vodka with two small children at her side, according to a Rio Rancho police report. The officer saw her fall and the children try to pick her up.
The officer, who is from a pueblo police agency, called Rio Rancho police and kept an eye on the woman and her children until Rio Rancho police arrived. The children are 2 and 3 years old.
Barry again fell to the pavement, landing on one of the children and passing out, the report says. Rio Rancho police who tried to speak with Barry noticed her eyes were bloodshot and watery. She also had a strong odor of alcohol coming from her, the report says.
Barry was lying on the sidewalk barefoot with several fresh scrapes on her knees and the children crying on her lap, according to the report. She was uncooperative with police and refused medical attention. She was yelling profanities and said she did not know where she lived.
Police notified her mother to pick up the children. Barry's mother told police her daughter is on probation for an alcohol-related offense.
Barry was given the option of voluntarily being taken to a hospital by emergency medical services personnel and issued a criminal summons to appear in court at a later date, or being arrested and taken to the hospital by police.
She said, "Just (expletive) arrest me and take me to (expletive) jail," the report says.
Barry was arrested and taken to Presbyterian Urgent Care where she was evaluated and released. She was then taken to the Sandoval County Detention Center.

Story From: Albuquerque Journal (New Mexico)
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