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The Press-Enterprise
An off-duty Los Angeles police officer fatally shot a man in the parking lot of a convenience store near Corona after a collision on Interstate 15, according to Riverside County sheriff's Investigator Jerry Franchville.
The unidentified man was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
The man, who was driving a Toyota Tundra, sideswiped the officer, who was driving an H2 Hummer, Franchville said. A 1-year-old child was in the officer's car, Franchville said, but he declined to identify the child.
The officer chased the man at speeds of up 100 mph on northbound I-15 until the truck exited at Weirick Road and stopped in the parking lot of a convenience store in the 20400 south Temescal Canyon Road, Franchville said.
Franchville said no weapon was found other than the officer's gun. The officer and a passenger in the Tundra were detained, he said. Police declined to identify the officer, the dead man or the truck passenger. The officer, who was not under arrest, was technically free to leave, Franchville said.
The officer shot the man from 15 to 30 feet away. Franchville said.
Witnesses who were at the convenience store at the time of the shooting at 3:46 p.m. said they saw the officer appear to be giving the Tundra's driver commands in an attempt to detain him.
Store clerk Ashley Mugley said she went outside just after shooting and saw the driver of the Tundra lying on the ground.
"The man on the ground, he was dead. He looked dead. He was ashen," Mugley said.
Another witness, Delon Williams, was at the store when he saw the officer with his gun drawn and the Tundra's driver lying on the ground.
"He was in bad shape," Williams said of the wounded man.
Williams said he watched as the ambulance arrived.
"They were trying to resuscitate him then they carted him off," he said.

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Off Duty LAPD Officer Shoots Motorist In Road Rage Incident

CORONA--A case of 'road rage' is at the center of an officer-involved shooting that left a motorist dead.

Investigators have made no arrests in the wake of the incident.

The off-duty LAPD officer, Antonio Mendez, claims the other motorist sideswiped his Hummer and then sped off down Interstate 15 with the officer in pursuit.

Sheriff's spokeswoman Herlinda Valenzuela explained what happened when both men drove into a parking lot on Temescal Canyon Road.

"Both drivers exited their vehicles and a verbal confrontation ensued. The off-duty officer attempted to detain the hit-and-run suspect and there was an officer-involved shooting."

The 50-year-old man was hit once and died minutes later at a Corona hospital.

There was no indication he was armed.

A child in the officer's Hummer was not injured. Mendez, who's been with the LAPD for two years, has been placed on leave.

Story Date: August 26, 2008

I am not judging the shooting, but I do question the officer's rationale to chase the guy at 100+ MPH with his one year old child in the car.

Witnesses that were interviewed on the news tended to confirm the suspect became physically aggressive just prior to the shooting; although, he did not have a weapon.
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