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Altamonte Springs police said three men tried to rob a night manager of the Dollar Tree store on SR-434 late Thursday night. Police said the manager was walking out of the store with a bag of cash when she was approached by the suspects.
An eyewitness, Jenny Delacruz was in the parking lot.
"I didn't believe it was a gun shot and all because this place is so quite. I come here every week at night," said Delacruz.
Police said the gun shot came from an off-duty Orange County Sheriff's deputy who happened to be in the area shopping with his family.
Sheriff Kevin Beary said the deputy saw the three men attempting to rob the store manager and confronted them. Investigators said one of the unarmed suspects approached the off-duty deputy.
According to Altamonte Springs police, the deputy felt threatened, opened fire and shot the suspect multiple times.
"This is one of the reasons I support off-duty officers carrying fire arms," said Beary.
Shoppers said that the area is normally very quiet, but Sheriff Beary said that is not a reason to let down your guard.
"Robbers know no jurisdictional lines. They cross into Seminole county; they cross into Orange, Lake, Osceola, and Brevard," he said.
The robber who was shot was arrested, but the other two managed to get away.

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