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DETROIT, Mich. --

An off-duty Detroit police officer was shot in Northeast Detroit just before 10 p.m. Saturday night.
Officer Bernard Henry, Jr. was leaving a home on the 18000 block of Healy when he was approached by two men. The three men exchanged and that’s when one of the men pulled out a gun and shot Henry, Jr. in the calf.
His father was the first to get to his side.
“Less than three or four minutes after he walked out the door, I heard gunshots. And then I heard him screaming and hollering,” said the victim’s father, Bernard Henry. “When I came outside, I saw the two men who shot him running down the street. I tried to catch them but they got away.”
Police set up a perimeter in the area of the shooting but have not yet found the gunman.
Henry Jr. was taken by ambulance to Detroit Receiving Hospital, where he’s being treated for non-life threatening injuries.
“He was conscious. He knew he was shot. But he couldn’t move because we kept him on the ground. He was doing alright, still talking to us,” said Henry, about his son.
His father said Henry Jr. has been with the Detroit Police force for five or six years.

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Detroit has to be like serving in Iraq or Afghanistan...They talk about LA, NY, Chicago, Miami being tough beats, Detroit has to top them all... The city once had 2.3 million strong in the 60s/70s is now I believe 700,000 WTF. You have a pimp daddy mayor that went to prison, a city council taking brides, its like a third world country with high rises as tall as the John Hancock tower abandoned!!!:uc:pS it's also home to the highest population of Al-Qaeda sympathizers {aka as sleeper cells} The boys/girls in blue have their hands full there.
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