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By Dan Nguyen
The Sacramento Bee

FOLSOM, Calif. - A Citrus Heights police officer was arrested early Saturday on suspicion of leading police on a 41-mile high speed chase and attempting to run over a Folsom police officer with his motorcycle, Folsom Police spokeswoman Michelle Beattie said.
James Michael Fraser, 27, had been employed with the Citrus Heights police department for eight months, said Citrus Heights Police Department Lt. Gina Anderson. Prior to that, Fraser had been employed by a law enforcement agency in Southern California, Anderson said.
Anderson said Fraser, who was released on $100,000 bail Saturday, has been fired from his job as a patrol officer.
"As of us last talking together, he is no longer employed," Anderson said. "The behavior was outrageous and completely unacceptable"
According to Beattie, at approximately 2:03 a.m Saturday., Folsom Police attempted to stop Fraser for reportedly speeding and committing a red light violation.
Fraser then reportedly led police on an approximately 32-minute chase between Folsom and El Dorado County, at speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour.
He reportedly lost control twice during the chase. After the second time, Beattie said, he ignored officers' orders, climbed back on his motorcycle and drove into the police officers. He collided with a police vehicle and ran over an officer's foot, Beattie said.
Fraser was taken into custody at Lake Hills and Salmon Falls, in El Dorado County, Beattie said. He was treated for minor injuries and booked into Sacramento County jail on suspicion of felony evasion of police and assault with a deadly weapon against a police officer.
At the time of the booking, he said he was employed as a police officer with Citrus Heights, Beattie said.
Anderson said she does not dispute the Folsom Police Department's report.
"We support the Folsom Department," she said.
Beattie said the use of alcohol and or drugs has not been excluded, pending lab results.

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