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Off-Duty Cop Fires At Robbery Suspect
Suspect Reported Injured

POSTED: 1:10 pm CST December 3, 2004
UPDATED: 3:35 pm CST December 3, 2004


An off-duty police officer shot a man several times on the South Side when the man tried to rob the officer at gunpoint Friday afternoon.

The shooting occurred near 3100 W. Ogden Ave. outside of a currency exchange, said police news affairs Officer Patrice Harper.

The officer was standing outside the currency exchange with two friends on his "regular day-off" and was not in uniform, according to Marquette District Cmdr. Robert Lopez.

The offender asked one of the officer's friends if he could buy a cigarette, Lopez said. The friend gave him one and he sat down and smoked it in the parking lot near where they were standing, Lopez said.

The man then came back and approached the three men with a gun he was carrying, according to the commander.

Lopez would not comment on exactly how many shots were fired but said it was more than one. The man was shot only once, in the right thigh, Lopez said.

He said the Buick station wagon the man tried to flee in was originally parked half a block down 16th Street from the currency exchange.

The wounded man was taken to Mt. Sinai Hospital, Harper said.

A roundtable discussion would be held at Harrison Area Headquarters Friday, Lopez said.
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