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The Patriot Ledger
Posted Sep 19, 2008 @ 05:45 AM

A Chelsea man is facing identity-theft charges after police say be bought nearly $700 in gift cards at the Stop & Shop store on Grove Street in Braintree.
Hicham El-Amine, 30, was arrested Tuesday following an investigation prompted by the suspicion of an off-duty officer who was buying groceries at the store a few weeks ago.
Police said officer Sean McConville was shopping in the store Aug. 27 when he noticed El-Amine buying the gift cards. McConville followed El-Amine outside and jotted down his description, car and registration number.
El-Amine drove away just before Detective Mark Sherrick responded to the call.
Sherrick obtained the sales transaction paperwork from the store and later determined from the credit-card company that the credit-card information had been stolen.
Police said Sherrick learned that the true owner of the credit-card account, along with two other women, had been victimized in similar crimes.
All still had their credit cards and used the same gas station in Randolph.
The gas station owner told Sherrick and a Randolph police detective that El-Amine had worked there for three days.
Records showed that all three women used their credit cards on days that El-Amine was working.
El-Amine surrendered to police Tuesday after learning that authorities were looking for him.
Police said El-Amine admitted using a credit=card reader to swipe the credit cards numbers and then make his own credit card using the victims' legitimate account numbers.
El-Amine also admitted to stealing as many as 10 credit card numbers.
Stop & Shop provided evidence of at least eight phony buys at stores in Braintree, Weymouth, Quincy and Revere, police said.
El-Amine is charged with two counts each of larceny of property worth more than $250, forgery and passing a forged document.
Police said more victims many be involved and the investigation is ongoing.
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