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Odourless underpants

A US company has performed a great service to humanity by inventing an
underwear fabric that absorbs all smells.

The material is inserted into a pair of pants with two self-adhesive strips
and traps any pongs or whiffs, reports The Sun.

The 'gas neutralisers' are made from carbon fabric that has undergone
activated carbon anti-microbial treatment. Called Subtle Butt, they sell in
five-packs for about £5.

They were invented by a company called Garment Guard which already
sells disposable cotton underarm inserts which absorb perspiration to
prevent embarrassing wet marks.

The company blurb says: "From the brilliant minds at Garment Guard
comes our newest product, Subtle Butt.

"This pack of 5 saving graces effectively filters the odour caused by
flatulence. Simply stick it in the right place and you're ready for a chilli

However, the fabric, called Subtle Butt, does not silence noises - so does
not signal the end of embarrassing flatulence.

I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.
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They won't be popular in Japan where, as I understand it, there are vending machines that sell soiled woman's undergarments.

Yeah, it's twisted, but have you ever seen some of their game shows?

Major DITTOS Nighttrain! That would be heavenly.
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