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(Fresno, California) Check out the latest behavior course content being loafed out by the progressive public school system in Fresno.
During the first week of school, the kids got a lesson on words they shouldn't use, including terms for oral sex and prostitution. The teachers and kids were focused on behavioral expectations instead of the normal subjects, but some parents say the way the school taught kids not to swear was obscene.

The first week of school included a vocabulary lesson for Phoenix Hawkins and the words he learned won't help him on the SAT. He says his history teacher wrote out 15 dirty words for the whole class to see and then asked them not to use those words.

Phoenix says he only knew a few of the words, but he and some of the other kids tried to figure out the ones they didn't know. "After school, I asked my mom what some of the words were," he said. "And she said, 'where did you hear those words?'"

His mother says it was quite a shock to her ears and that he wasn't using "standard swear words." She called the words the most vulgar and disgusting words she's ever heard. "I couldn't believe what he was saying to me, said Erin Hawkins." "I felt so violated."

Phoenix says he's heard a lot more bad words at school since the cursing class, including that same day, when he says kids were using the 'C' word.​
The obscene language curricula apparently is a system-wide project to improve behavior. Unfortunately, there are significant unintended consequences, a customary attribute of progressive ideas.
First of all, the kids only learned many of the words when they were told not to use them.

Second, once the kids knew the words, they searched for explanations regarding their meaning.

Third, vigorous discussion about the words and their meanings ensued among the kids.

Fourth, the parents found out what the school is doing and they are angry.

Fifth, valuable classroom time is being wasted on the obscene language program and the kids are not learning anything that will help them score good grades.​
A Fresno Unified School Board meeting is scheduled for this afternoon. I expect it will be lively as parents seek answers to their complaints.

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sweet f*ckin jesus what the f*ck is wrong with people? I cant f*ckin believe that those assh*les are f*ckin doin this. those c*cks*sckers are lucky that they arent teachin my kids those goddam swear words! for f*cks sake.

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Reminds me of South Park where they were teaching Sex Ed in kindergarten...

Mr Garrison: Ok kids, what are some of the positions I taught you?

Kindergarten kid 1: Missionary

Mr Garrison: A little boring but yes

Kindergarten kid 2: Dirty Sanchez

Mr Garrison: Oh yes, you could give your partner the dirty sanchez....

What a great way to teach kids not to use foul language, teaching them the dirty words. My kids unfortunately learned most of the bad words when I was remodeling the house. In between mashing my fingers with a hammer,cutting myself with a saw, banging my head numerous times. My wife said I was quite colorful.

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I'm surprised my kids don't drop the "F" bomb, Lord knows they hear it enough from me. It's such an elastic word, it can be a noun, verb, adjective, preposition, pronoun and some others that I can't think of right now
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