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On Monday, President Obama went to the Pentagon for a "meeting with top military leaders on ISIS" - just another photo op and facade. It actually afforded Obama yet another opportunity to demonstrate he has no strategy, plan or policy for strengthening our national security and degrading/destroying ISIS.

As a matter of fact, President Obama stated something to the effect that an ideology cannot be defeated by bullets - hmm. I think bullets stopped Naziism, fascism, Japanese imperialism, and Communism (really big bullets). Apparently Obama believes a kumbaya hearts and minds sing-along policy will cause savage 7th century barbarians living in the 21st century to change their behavior. I think not.

President Obama stated that this conflagration against ISIS will take a long time, and now we know why. As reported by Fox News, "The U.S. Army is planning to cut more than 40,000 troops over the next two years, a senior U.S. defense official confirmed to Fox News Tuesday. General Martin Dempsey announced at a Senate Armed Services Committee Hearing Tuesday that dwindling resources was a major factor in the decision to cut the number of active troops from 490,000 to 450,000. In addition to the troop cuts, 17,000 Army civilian employees will be laid off in a plan that is to be formally announced on Thursday.

The announcement comes just one day after President Obama said there were "no current plans" to send more troops to Iraq to fight Islamic State, although he did not rule out the possibility in the future."

Dwindling resources? Or a reallocation of funds?

I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.
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Obama is a disgraceful pile of ratshit and may his legacy be nothing less than the disgrace it already is. History will show:
a) Dispite Watergate (an embarrassing disgrace) Richard Nixon was one hell of a President
b) George H. W. Bush was a magnificent President who threw his job away when he compromised on his "NO NEW TAXES" pledge.
c) George W. Bush was a great, down to Earth guy who did a damn fine job in the face of horrific opposition, both from terrorist AND the left wing here at home...both groups on an equal plain.
d) Jimmy Carter actually looks GOOD next to Obama.
e) Next to Obama, I actually MISS Bill Clinton! That alone almost make me suicidal.
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