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Obama 'appears on toast'

We're used to such well-known celebrities as Jesus and the Virgin Mary
mysteriously appearing on slices of toast - but now, an even more
miraculous apparition has manifested itself on someone's breakfast. The
glorious 'Hope Toast' features the beatific visage of St. Barack of Chicago,
the President-Elect of Change.

Naturally, it is being sold on eBay.

The seller says describes the wonder-toast by saying: 'Barack Obama has
miraculously appeared on a piece of toast I was preparing for breakfast.

This is a one-of-a-kind item to celebrate his win as US President.'

In case that sounds a little vague, he goes on to add: 'The item is one
piece of Wonder Bread that has been toasted. Nothing has been added to
the bread - no butter or oils.'

The divine image, which is completely plausible and in no way faked,
shows Obama The Redeemer in his most familiar pose, gazing upwards into
the future with an expression of wise, empathetic determination. The
image is well known to the faithful, having been captured by artist
Shepard Fairey in his popular series of religious icons.

As of the time of writing, the Hope Toast has attracted one bid, of $20.

Luckily for us in 'the know', it's a secret sign from our founding fathers that not all is lost...

It's Thomas Jefferson. It's like a rorschach toast test, but only sheeple can see Obama.


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I too thought it said obama was toast. I did hear that Dick Cheney invited obama to go hunting.

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Hell, I have a butane soldering torch I could do the same thing with....maybe I'll start cranking out obama toasts. Idiots.
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